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Recycled aggregates Cambridgeshire

Recycled Aggregates

Construction waste like bricks and rubble are crushed using state of the art equipment and graded as per the WRAP quality protocol before going on to be reused in construction projects as recycled aggregates.

Recycled aggregates reduce the demand for primary aggregates, helping the construction industry to become more sustainable.

Recyclable aggregates include sand, gravel, crushed stone, concrete, crushed concrete, asphalt, brick and slags.


Dust is a 6mm dust product. This product is mainly used to back-fill trenches containing cables preventing damage from the sub-base product.

Sand & Sharp sand

Recycled Sand is very cost effective and is great for flagging and very popular amongst landscapers. Sharp sand is graded 4mm to dust, it is used for concrete mixes and screening.


Recycled Planings consist of tarmac planings that have been excavated from roads that have been relaid and is great for the preparation of driveways as it will compact down and gives off no dust.


6f5 are a recycled aggregate made from crushed hardcore and is built up of 75mm down to dust. The 6F5 is normally used as bulk fill to build up levels/ capping layer.

Type 1

Type 1 recycled aggregates is built up of 40mm to dust which contains both concrete and tarmac and is ideal to be used as for finishing, the Type 1 recycled aggregate is ideal for road and path construction.

5-20mm Clean, 20-40mm Clean

Clean Stone aggregate has no Fines or Dust it is ideal for land drainage, soak-aways and larger pipe back fill.

40-75mm Clean

40-75mm clean Stone aggregate has no Fines or Dust it is ideal for road construction, land drainage, soak-aways and larger pipe back fill.

Crushed Concrete

Crushed concrete is a recycled aggregate which is suitable as a capping layer for larger road and highway construction, civil engineering, driveways, landscaping, pathways and as a general fill material. Available from 75mm to dust or in nugget form.

Deliveries from 20 tons

Recycled aggregate delivery

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Recycled aggregate delivery

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