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Concrete crushing

Concrete Crushing

With our range of crushers, we are able to offer both on-site concrete crushing and off-site concrete crushing if access is more challenging.

We can manage the whole demolition, removal and disposal process for you; from crushing, handling and removal.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and always ensure we leave sites clean and tidy at the end of the working day with quality materials ready for re-usage.

Concrete crushing and removal

Demolition works often result in a large quantity of unwanted construction waste, including concrete. It is important that this waste, like any other waste, is disposed of safely and responsibly.

Concrete can be crushed into aggregate and re-used elsewhere for building roads and as base materials for paths, patios, driveways, hard-standings, gabion baskets for retaining walls or terracing.

On site concrete crushing for re-use

Demolition and the removal of unwanted construction waste followed by buying in new aggregates for a construction project can prove to be very costly. To help make this process more cost effective and sustainable we offer comprehensive concrete crushing. We help you to recycle unwanted demolished materials into useable building materials, on-site concrete crushing saves you money by removing the costs of haulage and landfill.